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Kingspan © Insulated Panels.

Kingspan © Insulated Panels has almost single-handedly been responsible for the development of insulated cladding panels in the UK and Irish markets

Kingspan © is the most highly recognised brand for insulated cladding panels in the markets which it services across Europe. Competitive strengths:

Strong European market leader Highly specified brand Solution provider Markets served:

The benefits of Kingspan © insulated roof and wall systems are well recognised by property investors, building owners, designers and constructors and have been successfully used across the global construction industry on retail, distribution, commercial, leisure, industrial, hospital and education projects.

Modern building design puts demands on architects to add greater creativity to their concepts including freedom of visual choice, superior construction quality, fast build methods and reliable extended life cycle performance.

Kingspan © has applied its global experience to create a market leading range of products, services and design solutions that facilitate the design team's architectural objectives whilst also providing real performance, construction and in use benefits to the investor and building owner.

Tile Effect:

Transform your building with our tile effect roof sheets. made from .7mm steel with a thick P.V.C coating that ensures a maintenance free roof @ a fraction of traditional tile costs.

Roof Tile Insulated Panel - a steel faced insulated panel system that combines a pleasing traditional clay tile appearance with all the benefits of a lightweight fast track construction.

Roof Tile Insulated Panel is a through fixed roof panel ideally suited for industrial, commercial, retail, leisure and public sector projects with a roof pitch of 12º or more.

Because of its single fix installation mechanism, it is possible to build in half the time of traditional construction methods. It eliminates the need to use individual tiles and it fixes directly to purlins so there is no need for battens, roof felt and insulation materials, or even wet trades.

Roof Tile design details and components can be applied to all forms of construction. Its design flexibility allows it to be used on conventional timber sub-structures as well as all contemporary steel construction.

The tile-effect roof panel system contains a fire safe insulation core bonded to a metal liner sheet and profiled steel exterior. The single piece panel is available with 45, 60, 80 or 100mm insulation and in lengths up to 16m.

The 45mm version gives the profile the rigidity it needs to span between 2m purlins, while the 80mm version provides enough insulation to satisfy Part L Building Regulations, a 0.25 U-value for roofs.

The three-dimensional panel surface rises and falls both vertically and horizontally to reproduce the shape of laid clay pantiles. It is available in two colours, terracotta and anthracite, and has a similar gloss level to that of natural clay.

The subtle, pantile effect of the roofing system holds great visual appeal, which is combined with practical elements such as superb insulation qualities and a fast track, lightweight construction.

It allows for substantial savings on structural support and its excellent insulation properties ensure 100% consistent thermal performance. Roof Tile’s outstanding air leakage performance can also reduce heating costs by over 20%.

Steel Purlins
Steel Purlins are widely used on steel roof structures and steel deckings and are light in weight, but designed to take maximum hurricane winds.

A span of 7mts can be used with our 175mm x 19mm steel galvanized purlins.

Barge Flashing: Barge Flashing:

Standard Barge flashing: 3mtr lengths.

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